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As we watch, really wat…

“As we watch, really watch and listen to the play of children, which very few of us do, and even when we see good play, we say, “That’s great play. That’s wonderful play.” But unless we write it down, analyze it, think about it, discuss it with each other, stretch it out as if it is a piece of academic wisdom that we are trying to interpret, we then will continue to think of it as childish and something that can be easily put aside, when the real business of schoolwork appears.”
Vivian Paley

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“‘From their earliest years children live on familiar terms with disrupting emotions — fear and anxiety are an intrinsic part of their everyday lives, they continually cope with frustrations as best they can.  And it is through fantasy that children … Continue reading

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“We are doing earlier and earlier to children what we shouldn’t do later.” These words of wisdom were offered by Lilian Katz – in reference to the current trend of aligning curriculum and programs in an effort to prepare children for the next step in their education.

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“Children are made readers,” the writer Emilie Buchwald said, “on the laps of their parents.”

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