About me: I have devoted my entire adult life (say, 45Judi sledding 2015+ years) to the field of early childhood. I am a parent of two wonderful men and happy grandmother of two superb kids. I have been a teacher, director, developer of curriculum, writer and learner. In addition, I taught graduate students working to earn their Preschool through 3rd grade certifications. It was great fun to work with people who were eager to learn about how young children learn!

I visited Reggio Emilia in 1995 and feel, like so many other people, that it influenced my thinking and answered a lot of questions that had nagged at me about how to do better in our care and education of young children.

After 25 years of teaching young children, I  spent 14 years as a mentor and consultant at a child care resource and referral agency in NJ. My role as “early childhood specialist” included developing and providing workshops, conferences, seminars, and providing resources along with on site help to child care professionals.

I have spent a good deal of time demonstrating to teachers the Vivian Paley Storytelling/Story Acting approach and have introduced it at many conferences and schools throughout the U.S. and beyond. (I also consider myself, lucky indeed, to be a friend and pen pal of Vivian Paley).

I facilitate a group of early childhood professionals in what we call the “Thinking About Kids” collaborative learning group. It started out as an early childhood book club. We now get together to talk about and share ideas–most recently, loose parts and Learning Stories.

I’m always writing and always have a book in the works. I think it’s the writing process that I enjoy, even more than the need to publish (or maybe I’m just too lazy). I have been writing for the Community Connect blog of Community Playthings and really enjoy working with them. I have published in Young Children, Teaching Young Children, and Child Care Information Exchange.

This blog is an attempt to reach out to others, especially those early childhood folks with whom I work and have the pleasure of knowing.  I have no set plan about what will appear on the blog except that I will share stories of learning with young children that I have documented, along with other terrific early childhood links.

Most of all, I think children are really interesting people and I like being around them.

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