Doing real things

My blog site isn’t about high school but it is about learning and teaching and, therefore, I am sharing an article that is pertinent to all of us who care about education. The article describes an innovative school that respects students’ thinking. I think it’s a hopeful sign, just as Vicki Abeles’ (“Race to No Where”) new film, “Beyond Measure” is. Her film highlights schools that are creating laboratory/studio type classrooms where kids work on real problems and use their hands and minds to solve those problems. And, in most cases, work collaboratively, without fear of making mistakes or taking tests.

And speaking of films, I saw “The Martian” last night and thought how exciting it would be to have a group of kids watch it and then take even one problem that Matt Damon (aka Mark  Watney) confronted and  explore together what he did and why…and then try to replicate something similar or relevant to their lives. Something real.

East Campus: Uncovering the brilliance in every student

#realeducation #themartian #inquiry in education


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