Drawing with Children

Yesterday I read a blog about how important it is to NOT draw for children. I agree.  I recently spent time with my almost 4-year-old granddaughter and she asked me to draw with her. However, being the confident artist that she is, she said, “You draw what I draw.” So I did. What an interesting experience. I tried very hard to replicate what she was doing. That, in itself, was fascinating. I thought about what Picasso said about spending a lifetime trying to draw again like a child. I asked for advice from her about which colors to use and where to place certain lines. She carefully watched my attempts. We did a couple of “parallel drawings”–side by side. Later we did mirror-Imagelike drawings–at opposite ends of the paper. That was more challenging for me! All in all, it was a wonderful shared experience and one that created a more engaged and thoughtful drawing approach. What do you think?

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  1. chaspack says:

    I am sure she loved it! The stickers are a nice touch.

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